Economic Development in South Ogden

South Ogden and surrounding areas are booming with commercial and retail development growth. The city's close proximity to major employment centers such as McKay Dee Hospital, Weber State University and Hill Air Force Base makes South Ogden an attractive location where families want to live, work and spend their money. 

Top consumers in South Ogden include those who are multi-generational, financially informed, have conservative values and are smart shoppers. These consumer types average households of 5+ individuals, incomes between $75k-$100k, own their own homes and are between 35 and 45 years old. 

If this sounds like the type of community that fits your target demographics, South Ogden is the place for you. The City prides itself in being a business-friendly, business-oriented community. Spencer Young Sr., C.E.O. of the Young Automotive Group had this to say about his experience working with City officials while locating two of his car dealerships in South Ogden.

"Over the years I have worked with many cities and city officials with development projects and business operations. I have found South Ogden by far the best city to deal with in every way. They are grateful for our participation and contribution to the community and have been helpful in every way."

Let South Ogden city do the same for your business. For more information about doing business in South Ogden please contact Matt Dixon, City Manager, at 801.622.2702 or via email at