City Survey

South Ogden City is updating its General Plan! The General Plan establishes a clear vision for the City’s future, serving as a guide for City leaders as they decide on how South Ogden will grow and progress. To better understand the vision of South Ogden’s residents and business owners, a comprehensive public engagement process is underway which includes a series of five short surveys addressing key topics (see schedule below). Please, click the link to participate in the survey. 

Survey 2/5: Housing 
Estimated completion time: 3 minutes. 

Survey Schedule: 
Survey 2: Housing (August 10th) 
Survey 3: Transportation (August 17nd) 
Survey 4: Parks & Recreation (August 24th) 
Survey 5: Water Use & Preservation (August 31st) 

 If you have not completed the first survey, you can still participate by clicking this link 

Visit the project website for additional engagement opportunities and project updates.  We appreciate your participation in shaping South Ogden’s future!